The Zig Zag Foundation supports sick, under-privileged and at risk children between the ages of 0-18 throughout Australia with equipment and services.  

Zig Zag is managed by volunteers, so every dollar raised and donated is made available to those who need it most - the CHILDREN!    We are so close to achieving 0% in admin costs and being 100% charity! 


That means your donated dollars go directly to helping children in need and has resulted in the Zig Zag Foundation granting over $1m in funding to help 1000’s of children.







We host a variety of different fundraising events each year and we also receive donations of cash and items to be auctioned or raffled at our events from individuals, businesses and community groups, bequests and wills, and the sale of merchandise.


Our efforts support children right across the spectrum of needs - not just one illness or handicap. We help kids right through from babies to teens with products and services that make a real difference in each and every life.


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